Hi  ! 

Who are you ?

My name is Léa, I am 20 years-old, I was born and raised in France. I am fascinated by fashion for a long time (since my birth? aha) but I also really like travelling, discovering and creating. I am always attentive to the new trends, in search of new techniques, ideas, movements…


And about your studies, what are you doing? 

For the moment I am a fashion management student in a fashion business school: Mod’Art International, in Paris. 


Why Other People ? 

I like sharing my discoveries, tips, places… I enjoy discovering new things and taking pictures (a lot of pictures). Whenever I do something I want to share it with other people, friends and sometimes the entire worlds (aha). 

That’s why, I decided to launch Other People because I want to share my passions, good places, tips and more with everyone. I want to give you some ideas, tips and inspire your travel, fashion look… 

I choose the name Other People because I created something for everybody, for you, the Other People. I want to share my passions with other people. 


What does we find on OP ?

OP is a universe, here you will find posts about fashion (fashion show revues, exhibitions, stories, actualities, outfits, inspirations… and more), city guide posts and a moodboard page (with my inspirations of the moment like musics, materials and colors).


When ? 

I try to post once a week, at least, for now. 


See you soon!
Sunny – Bobby Hebb

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